2 Lagoon Charters
Captain Fred Pharis

Captain Fred Pharis has been fishing the waters of the Northern Indian River and Mosquito Lagoons for more than 20 years.  He's lived in Florida for 40 years from Sarasota to Orlando.  He enjoys sharing his passion of shallow water sight fishing with new people and always ensures a good time is had by everyone aboard his skiff! 

Captain Fred's skiff is a semi custom Man-O-War (now made by Gause Boats).  This skiff is made for the shallow Florida waters while still being able to handle various water and wind conditions. 

Book a charter today!  Captain Fred will put you on fish and show you this great estuary system that is like no other in the world!  

Contact Captain Fred via:

Cell: 407.257.4395
Email: 2lagooncharters@gmail.com 
Facebook: 2 Lagoon Charters - Captain Fred Pharis